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  • Lauren Brooks, daughter of Brother Michael Brooks. Lauren is a Freshman at Nova Southeastern
    College, Major – Chemistry. Award – $1,500
  • Lily Burton, daughter of Brother William Burton. Lily is graduating from Ashley High School and Cape
    Fear Community College on the same day. She will be attending Liberty University. Major – Public
    Health. Award – $1,500
  • Jace Calhoun, son of Brother Darren Calhoun. Jace is graduating from Manchester Valley High School and will be attending Western Michigan University. Major – Aeronautical Science. Award – $1,500
  • Leah Conger, daughter of Brother Joe Conger. Leah is graduating from Harford Technical High School and will be attending Salisbury University. Major – Nursing. Award – $1,500.
  • Dalton Dacheux, son of Brother Jonathan Dacheux. Dalton is a Freshman at York College of Pennsylvania, Major – Biology. Award – $1,500
  • Alyssa Delcher, daughter of Brother William Delcher. Alyssa is graduating from Bel Air High School
    and will be attending Stevenson University. Major – Criminal Justice. Award – $1,500
  • Abigail Eubank, daughter of Brother Michael Eubank. Abigail is a Freshman at Stevenson University.
    Major – Nursing. Award – $1,500
  • Ava German, daughter of Brother Matthew German. Ava is graduating from Spring Grove Area High
    School and will be attending York College of Pennsylvania. Major – Early Childhood Education.
    Award – $1,500
  • Sydney Goorevitz, daughter of Brother Jason Goorevitz. Sydney is graduating from Hereford High
    School and will be attending Salisbury University. Major – Political Science. Award – $1,500
  • Mckayla Green, daughter of Brother Brian Green. Mckayla is graduating from Southwestern High School and will be attending Elizabethtown College. Major – Biology. Award – $1,500
  • Nicholas Hardesty, son of Brother Charles Hardesty. Nicholas is a Junior at Penn State Berks. Major – Psychology. Award – $1,500
  • Hannah Harpster, daughter of Brother Robert Harpster. Hannah is graduating from Dulaney High School and will be attending University of Maryland. Major – Art Education. Award – $1,500
  • Leah Iman, daughter of Brother Steven Iman. Leah is a Freshman at Lancaster Bible College. Major – Elementary Education. Award – $1,500
  • Abigail Kern, daughter of Brother James Kern. Abigail is graduating from Bel Air High School and will be attending University of South Carolina. Major – Sports Management. Award – $1,500
  • Adalia Kolsevich, daughter of Brother Michael Kolsevich. Adalia is graduating from Dallastown Area High School and will be attending Kutztown College. Major – Elementary Education. Award – $1,500
  • Gabriel Kolsevich, son of Brother Michael Kolsevich. Gabriel is a Freshman at West Chester
    University of Pennsylvania. Major – Music Composition. Award – $1,500
  • Taylor Mead, daughter of brother Gregory Mead and Sister Alayne Mead. Taylor is graduating
    from Westminster High School and will be attending McDaniel College. Major – Pre-Med
    Award – $1,500
  • Angelina Mussini, daughter of Brother George Mussini. Angelina is a Junior at the University
    of Maryland. Major – Environmental Science and Policy. Award – $1,500
  • Charles Nerad, step-son of Brother Joe Conger. Charles is graduating from Bel Air High School
    and will be attending UMBC. Major – Communication Studies. Award – $1,500
  • Garrett Rees, son of Brother Joshua Rees. Garrett is graduating from Rising Sun High School
    and will be attending the Merchant Marine Academy. Major – Marine Transportation. Award –

Lodge 4 has once again received a generous donation from the Walton and Butler Family Gift
Fund, in memory of deceased Brother Richard Walton. The following students have been selected as this year’s recipients. Each will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

  • Laura Gorman, daughter of Brother Matthew Gorman. Laura is a Junior at Towson University.
    Major – Nursing.
  • Caleb Keller, son of Brother Chris Keller. Caleb is completing his 1st year of medical school at
    Edward College of Osteopathic Medicine, on the campus of Virginia Tech.
  • Jenna Koller, daughter of Brother George Koller. Jenna is completing her 1st year of graduate
    school at Chatham University. She is studying for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
  • Margaret Smith, daughter of Brother Michael Smith. Margaret is a Junior at Stevenson University.
    Major – Accounting. Goal – to be a CPA.

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