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As mentioned last month, a historic one-year deal was brought forth to the membership that consisted of a new pay scale, a COLA, personally-assigned vehicles and the correction of a two-tiered health care system.  Both the contract for the MOU and the contract for health care passed.

Over the past year, I have had multiple conversations with County Executive Olszewski informing him of the issues that the membership told me were priorities.  Obviously, salary is always number one.  A close second last year was a change in leadership.  Other items that were important were a DROP for post-’07 employees, no changes in health care premiums for pre-’07 employees and retirees, changing to a one-tier health care system that would benefit post-’07 employees, providing retirement health care for post-’07 employees, a take-home car program and COLAs for retirees.

County Executive Olszewski has delivered on all of the above.  He has made the Baltimore County Police Department #1 in starting salary.  This will have a huge impact on recruiting, especially when you couple that with the start of personally-assigned vehicles, a DROP and competitive health care.  Why is recruitment important to the FOP?  Because every vacancy has an impact on officer safety.  We all need to become recruiters and we need to do it immediately.

Not forgotten in all of this are the retirees. For the past year, we have had a “Retiree Matters” Committee.  The main objective is the protection of pension and health care.  Last year, the County Executive asked that there be an easier path for retiree COLAs.  The Pension Board of Trustees made that adjustment last year. Eligible retirees received a COLA in 2022 and are scheduled to receive a modest COLA in 2023.  Back-to-back years…pretty good.  Although we are only two votes on the Pension Board of Trustees, I want to thank retired representative, State Trustee Don Patterson, and active representative, Past President Dave Rose, for their service on that board.  The FOP has always maintained a presence on the Board of Trustees and their commitment to the pension system has never been more important.

Shortly, we will be welcoming a new Chief of Police.  The FOP leadership is looking forward to establishing a solid working relationship with the new Chief. We guarantee you our goals for the Baltimore County Police Department are unified: Repair our reputation; Recapture our glory; Reestablish being a model for all to follow.

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