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Maryland tightens grip on gun laws; New restrictions challenge permitted gun owners

Guns will be barred from most public places, museums, shopping centers, hospitals. schools playgrounds, without express permission between the parties.

“You can pump gas on the parking lot of a gas station but to go in and pay is a violation,” said Dave Folderauer, President of the Fraternal Order of Police in Baltimore County.

“If there’s anything going on there’s no way to take action without running back to your vehicle,” said Folderauer.

The new law does not limit sworn police officers but it does limit retired officers and other owners who have permits to carry guns.

Clyde Boatright, President of Maryland’s Fraternal Order of Police, is challenging the new law.

Boatright believes it is unconstitutional and targets legal gun owners instead of the illegal owners.

“If we stop targeting regular citizens and go after bad people then we’ll start to see a change in the crime fight,” said Boatright.

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