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Cody Boteler

The Baltimore Banner

May 15th, 2024

The Anne Arundel County Police officer who used his Taser on a man, leading to a fall and head injury before the man died, will not face criminal charges, Maryland Attorney General Anthony Brown announced Wednesday.

The officer, identified as Cpl. Andrew Stallings, did not commit a crime under Maryland law, according to the results of an Independent Investigations Division report.

The division, which investigates fatal police incidents in Maryland, opened an investigation Dec. 7, 2023. LaVaughn Coleman, the 21-year-old man who hit his head, died on Dec. 14 from the injuries related to the incident, according to the report.

Police were initially called out to the 900 block of Waugh Chapel Way in Gambrills on Oct. 29, 2023, because someone reported two men in a car with guns and drugs. Police handcuffed one man, but, officials said, Coleman stood up and ran when an officer attempted to handcuff him.

Stallings chased Coleman and then used his Taser on him; Coleman fell and hit his head. Police provided medical aid and requested emergency medical services. Coleman was taken to a hospital and transferred to a trauma center, where he died, according to the report.

Stallings declined to make a statement for the investigation, which concluded March 29.

About 10 seconds after Coleman began running, Stallings shocked him, according to the report. Coleman fell face forward and hit his forehead on the cement. Stallings caught up and began to handcuff him “within seconds.”

Stallings and a police sergeant watching a live feed of a body-worn camera both called for medical aid, and the officers provided medical aid until paramedics arrived, according to the report. The were no weapons or drugs on Coleman’s body.

The Independent Investigations Division report concludes Stallings did not commit any crimes, including involuntary manslaughter, assault or a violation of Maryland’s use of force statute.


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