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This afternoon Ryan Massey, Mike DiCara and I had a meeting with all the labor groups and the county administration regarding COVID-19 testing.

There was a short presentation by the vendor, Five Medicines. According to the presentation they are looking at approximately 70 testing sites to include, police and fire facilities, 911 center, corrections and others. The testing would be at no cost to the employee and available during your work shift. At this time it appears as though the earliest testing may begin is the week of December 1, 2021.

This was a basic presentation and not a negotiation. There are still details regarding site feasibility that has to be worked out. All other details will still have to be negotiated with the labor groups. We are working on scheduling a date and time to continue talks. We did however, communicate to the administration we would be in opposition to any tests that uses any known carcinogens. Fact Sheet

The uploading of employee vaccination status is still voluntary.

We will continue to pass on any additional information as it becomes available.

Dave Rose

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