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Now that Workday is upon us, there have already been a host of problems.  The FOP has been forced to file multiple grievances on behalf of our membership. We have warned the County for over a year of many of the impending issues that we have already identified.  In spite of this, the county moved forward with the implementation.


As a result of the seven class-action grievances filed by the FOP, the police department and county moved rapidly to make corrections.  We are appreciative of that fact, but this is an on-going process because the Workday product is not able to accommodate such an elaborate system of pay.  Our contract has so many variables, such as substitution pay, stand-by pay, night shift differential, steps and longevities.  The human component in this process is just as important as the system itself.


It is imperative that every member start scrutinizing their paystubs to ensure that they have been accurately paid.  We have requested that the county provide an itemized audit of any Prior Adjustment pay.  The County has told us that Workday will show the actual dates of any Prior Adjustment in a paystub.  Please check for accuracy and contact our office if you find any discrepancies.



Stand-by Pay


It has come to our attention that some members may be being placed on-call or on stand-by and may not be receiving compensation.  Obviously, this is a problem.  If this occurring, please contact our office so that we may get this addressed.  It is a violation of the contract to waive any portion of the contract.

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